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Inova Guesthouse


Who are we?


An experienced ecological architect and mother of one son and four plus sons. She brings her passion for design and sustainability to Inova. As a dedicated hostess, she will regularly check and ask if everything is to your liking. Whenever possible, she likes to provide some fruit, vegetables or flowers directly from the Inova share garden. ​


A driven entrepreneur, dedicated family man and a connecting force within his professional and personal networks. He not only enjoys sharing his business expertise, but also his hospitality.

Aurelie en Andy

Why Inova?

“ Having regularly stayed in hotels myself, I have noticed that these accommodations are not always comfortable and practical for expats. There is often a lack of space, freedom and homely amenities. Furnished apartments are rarely offered as an alternative for short stays. To address these challenges, we are pleased to offer this new accommodation concept.”



Inova Guesthouse is therefore not just a guesthouse, it is a house where you can come home and where the family hospitality of a B&B, the amenities of a holiday home and the comfort and privacy of a hotel come together.


However, innovation does not stand still. We strive to continually improve and expand the Inova experience. Inova's future still has a lot in store.


The house next to our own house had been empty for a long time and was visibly deteriorating. As an entrepreneur and architect, we couldn't resist and bought the house to breathe new life into it.


We removed everything that was worn out, leaving only the stone walls and floors.This gave us the freedom to finish the house completely to our taste, with new and modern techniques and materials.


We have consciously opted for a modern and minimalist atmosphere and design. Fitted wardrobes and integrated doors contribute to the sleek look, while the harmonious color palette, combined with warm wood, creates an atmosphere of peace and warmth.


In addition, we have placed maximum emphasis on comfort, with amenities such as a comfortable bed, complete blackout, cooling, a smart TV, fast wireless internet and a rain shower.



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